Everything you need to know about glue guns

Glue guns are the crafters ideal tool. There are endless uses for glue guns, and they are cheap, easy to use, effective, and very efficient. So throw away the tape and the sewing machines, glue guns are the key to successful and lasting home repairs and craft creations. Glue hardens and dries very rapidly and applies clear! It produces high strength bonds and creates a secure and lasting hold.


How to use:

Glue guns are tools in which a glue stick is either manually or automatically fed into the back of the gun. The glue, which is manufactured from thermoplastics, melts through heating properties in the gun. The (very) hot melted glue is produced through the tip of the gun when pressure is applied to the trigger. The flow of the glue is easy to control, as the pressure applied to the trigger determines the amount of glue released. When applying glue to a material, form small pea-sized droplets to avoid stringing of glue, and a mess! Glue guns can be ready to use in 5-10 minutes after inserting the glue stick and allowing it to melt. Glue sticks are sold separately from the guns, however both are very cheap!

Types & Sizes:

There are a variety of types and sizes of glue guns that can be used for distinct projects and repairs. There are low-temperature guns, high-temperature guns, and dual-temperature guns. Low temperature guns heat to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and are better for delicate materials, or when children are around. However, these guns are still extremely hot, so keep fingers away from the tip of the gun and use with caution. High temperature guns reach 380 degrees Fahrenheit, and are better for materials such as wood and metals. Dual temperature guns, although a little more expensive, include both temperatures and can be changed accordingly. There are also different models of guns to choose from. You can buy either automatically fed guns or manually fed guns. Battery operated guns are sold, as well as standard outlet plug ins. Furthermore, there are different sizes of guns – from mini guns for detailed work, to pistol grip for larger projects.


Glue guns can be used on any number of craft making items, from lace to wood, glass, ceramics, stone, paper and metals. Glue guns can also be used to bond natural elements together or to bond together decorations and parts of costumes.


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